Start of work on the Dethlingen pond

Ammunition was dumped in Dethlingen Pond during and after the Second World War. It is not known how much, but the sample openings from the year 2019/2020 suggest that considerable quantities were involved. For example, 2,500 shells have already been recovered from two of the three sample openings. The entry of arsenic into the groundwater is another problem of this contaminated site. Further planning for the remediation of the "Dethlinger Teich" was largely completed over the summer of 2022.

The first work started in September. The foundation stone for the rehabilitation is laid with the installation of the sheet piling around the pond. The hot summer and the associated low water in the Rhine have only slightly delayed the delivery of the 22 m long sheet piles and the work is running at full speed. The dimensions of the cantilevered salvage hall based on them, measuring 106 m x 97 m, are thus slowly taking shape and are already impressive.

As M&P North, we are pleased to be a part of this important and exciting project.


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